大家好 今天我们从女性的角度来讲青春期
Hey, WellCasters, today we’re going to cover puberty from the female perspective.
And if you don’t know what that means,
it might be because you:
a.你还没经历青春期 或 b.你是个男孩子
a. haven’t gone through puberty yet; or b. you’re a boy.
男生们 听着 我们要讲的是这些内容:
So boys, listen up, this is what we’re about to cover:
月经 阴毛 乳房和脂肪团
our periods, pubic hair, your boobs, and cellulite.
Hang out if you want.
第一部分 月经以及如何为其准备
Section 1: Your period, and how to prepare for it.
So somewhere between the ages of 7 and 13,
your ovaries start pumping out the hormone estrogen.
从本质上说 这是在帮助你的身体为最终怀孕做准备
Essentially, this is to help prepare your body for an eventual pregnancy.
Your ovaries are filled with thousands of eggs.
Every month until menopause,
your body passes an egg from your ovaries
through the fallopian tube into the uterus,
这时候 里面是有血和多余组织的
which, at this point, is lined with blood and extra tissue,
假设有婴儿 这是为了滋养和保护他
which would help nourish and protect a hypothetical baby.
But, when you’re not pregnant,
your body spends the next 5 to 7 days getting rid of that stuff,
which it doesn’t need.
And this results in your period.
It sounds all really straightforward,
but it kind of doesn’t feel that way.
所以 要做好准备
So, be prepared.
首先 你的荷尔蒙会激增 有趣的是 它会影响情绪
First of all your hormone surge, and it can do funny things to your mood.
For your very first period,
the ladies here at WellCast suggest that
随身携带几个卫生巾 和一条换洗内裤
you keep a stash of pads, and an extra pair of panties around,
来避免发生任何令人尴尬的事情 真伤心啊
to avoid any embarrassing accidents, which happened to me a lot.
It was really sad.
第二部分 当我们说到你的私密部位时
Section 2. While we’re on the subject of your nether regions,
let’s talk about your hair.
观众朋友们 如果你凑近点看 会看到你全身都有毛发
WellCasters, if you look real close, you have hair all over your body.
在你的胸部 背部和脸颊都有细小的绒毛
The fine short vellus hair on your chest, back, and cheeks
help regulate temperature and protect from little tiny things.
它的表亲 终毛
It’s cousin, terminal hair,
你的头上 腋窝
which you find on your head, in your armpits,
脸上其它部位 私密部位的终毛
on other parts of your face, and in the nether regions
会比较粗 有保护作用
is coarser and means to protect.
你可能会想要剃掉 拔掉 或者扯掉不需要的毛发
You’ll probably be tempted to shave, pluck, or wax unwanted hair.
我们都经历过 有些人方法不对还弄巧成拙
And we’ve all been there,and some of us have gone a little bit too far.
好消息还是坏消息 猜一下?
And the good news, and the bad news is… guess what?
它会长回来! 欢迎来到女子成年期
It comes back. Welcome to womanhood.
如果要脱毛 找适合你的脱毛方法
If you so choose, find the hair removal method that’s right for you.
但是要确保先研究它的风险 再适当地使用
But make sure that you do your research first on its risks and proper use.
第三部分 哎呦 我的乳房!
Section 3. Ouch! My boobs!
Tenderness around the nipples and breast area is
完全正常的 就像你的乳房 丰满
totally normal as your breasts, you know, fill out.
And here’s the bad news:
They probably won’t grow at the same rate as each other.
再说一次 完全正常
Again, totally normal.
You might notice some stretchmarks as well,
如果你的乳房 臀部和大腿
if you experience rapid growth, good for you,
快速生长 这是好事
in your breasts hips and thighs,
totally normal.
Please don’t worry.
The stretch marks will fade with time.
And I promise your boobs will stop hurting,
除非你处于经前综合征期 它们才会再痛
until you are PMSing, and then they will hurt again.
They’re gonna hurt once a month.
第四部分 接受脂肪团
Section 4. Accept the cellulite.
The cottage cheesy look cellulite causes is simply fat living
just beneath the skin’s surface.
As your body grows,
你可能会注意到它 尤其是在你的大腿周围
you’re probably gonna notice it a bit, especially around your thighs.
But guess what?
Most women and girls have cellulite.
And it’s almost entirely genetic.
There’s a certain amount of fat your body needs to continue
and fully grow and develop into a woman.
女士们 这样想:
Think about it this way, ladies:
在你的余生中 你的身体会以不同的方式保持脂肪
For the rest of your life, your body’s gonna hang on to fat differently.
And the reason is deep down inside it’s thinking:
等等 我们可能会生一个孩子
Wait! We might have a baby.
女士们 这很有趣
Well, ladies at WellCast, that was fun.
开玩笑的啦 我知道不是这样
Just kidding. I know it wasn’t.
观众朋友们 希望你能学到关于你
We, here a WellCast, hope you learned a thing or two about your body
and your friends’ body.
And if you feel like the whole world is collapsing around you,
or you feel like an ogre,
or you feel like your face has been taken over by this weird disease,
and you’re never going to be attractive ever again,
look around you,
every girl that you know is going through the same thing.
Meeting adjourned.
For more super cool facts about super cool puberty,
check out these resources.
girlhealth.gov pinklockersociety.org
好了 这就是所有内容了
Well, that’s all for me to do, WellCasters.
Would you do me a kindness?
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