If you have been following this channel for a while.
你也许会明白我喜欢井然有序 我也的确这样
You might get the idea that I love structure. And I do.
我喜欢有效率 有组织性和有秩序的 并且我会尽可能做到自律
I love productivity, organization, order, and I try to be as disciplined as possible.
When some people hear this, they think that it’s boring.
They equate a disciplined life of structure to feelings of entrapment.
在我告诉你关于这个话题的想法之前 我想给你讲一个故事
Before I get into my thoughts on the topic I want to tell you a story.
在一个炎热的晴天 有一只叫做Bertha的蜜蜂
So its a hot sunny day out and there is this bee and her name is Bertha.
Bertha和其他的蜜蜂在蜂巢中嗡嗡作响 只是为了放松和享受时光
Bertha is buzzing by her hive with some other bees. Just relaxing and having a good time.
和其他蜜蜂一样 Bertha希望有朝一日能够有所成就
Like the other bees, Bertha may have some aspirations doing great things one day.
我不能肯定的这样说 因为蜜蜂并没有这样的思考能力
I can’t really say. Bees probably don’t have that ability to think those kind of thoughts.
Suddenly a bear starts to approach her hive.
The bear is hungry for some honey and bee eggs.
为了尝试救她的蜂巢 Bertha蛰了这只熊
In an attempt to save her hive, Bertha stings the bear.
But its skin is so thick.
that once she tries to pull her sting out she dismembers herself and dies.
The sad part about the story is that Bertha had no choice.
在漫长的进化过程中 她已会本能的对威胁进行蛰咬
Through years of evolutionary wiring she is evolved to sting threads.
It’s a biological reaction to dangerous situation.
她不知道自己的刺会被卡住 也不知道自己会死去
She has no idea that her sting will get stuck. And that she will die.
如果她知道这样做会失去生命 她可能会逃脱 因而保全生命
If she had known she would have died, she might have flown away and saved her own life.
Bees are prisoners to their own biology.
不像蜜蜂 人类有摆脱生物本能束缚的能力
Unlike bees, humans have the ability to override their biology,
through Self-Discipline.
比如说 一个人长期渴望处于一段深情的恋爱之中
Let’s say that someone has long-term desires to be in a deep and loving relationship.
创立他们热爱的有意义的事业 并拥有健康的身体
To create a meaningful career that they love and have a healthy body.
在这个过程的每一步 他们都会被短期的快乐所诱惑
Along each step of that journey they are tempted by short term pleasures.
例如色情片 垃圾食品或者电子游戏
such as porn, junk food or video games.
实际上 他们真正想要的是那种长期的生活
Deep down they really want the life that comes in the long term.
Yet they keep succumbing to short-term pleasures.
The only difference between these two positions is Self-Discipline.
我们有幸成为人类 有能力训教自律能力
We’re luck that as humans we have the ability to practice Self-Discipline
自律给了我们自由 去实现人生中真正的理想
It gives us the freedom to achieve what we truly want in life
and allows us to break free of the biological, or societal cages around us.
And I think that is a pretty amazing and powerful thought.
But it’s not so simple.
Companies are aware of our natural, biological reactions
and use this against us by using supernormal stimuli.
An example of supernormal stimuli is junk food.
我们的祖先总是在寻找富含脂肪和盐分的食物 因为这在当时是很罕见的
Our ancestors were wired to seek out and enjoy fat and salty food, because it was so rare at the time.
But now companies have genetically engineered food
to include more fats and salts than ever before
in order to make us desire it even more.
作为一个整体 社会媒体和网络是另一个不同寻常的刺激方式
Social Media and the internet as a whole is another form of supernormal stimuli.
Humans are biological wired to seek out novelty.
对于我们的祖先来说 新奇的事物会带来更多关于世界的知识
For our ancestors novelty could lead to more knowledge about the world which could lead to more wisdom
这些知识可以让我们领会到智慧 帮助人类不断发展
which helped us thrive as a species.
It has its usefulness.
然而 互联网被设计出来 是为了通过网络展现出你难以想象的事物 并由此引起你的好奇心
However the internet has been designed to take advantage of this desire for novelty by showing you more novelty than you can ever dream of.
Every page links out to more pages, with more novelty
And every video to a video with even more novelty
Video games do the same thing
Some evolutionary psychologists believe that video games,
like first-person shooters and massively multiplayer open role-playing games
imitate environments that will be similar to the ones that our ancestors navigated in the past
but supernormal versions of them
在电子游戏中 我们可以用更少的努力来获取更多的成就感
Yet we can get greater feelings of accomplishment in video games with a lot less work
The advent of constant achievements showing up on the screen in video games
is good evidence that companies are aware that it will motivate players to keep playing
So not only are we sabotaged by our own biology
But we are being target by corporation’s seeking to take advantage of us
and make a profit on the plus side.
你和我都不像蜜蜂 因为我们不被我们的本能拘束
You and I are not like the bee, because we are not cased by our own biology
拥有自律 我们可以拥有我们想要的生活
With Self-Dicipline — We can live the life we truly want
We have the choice to be free!
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