Today, we wanted to show you how to make a dish that’s become increasingly popular here in China,
Huangmenjimifan – braised chicken rice.
Now this is a dish that’s originally from the Shandong province, and is at its base
is basically some chicken braised with sweet bean paste and soy sauce.
正如它的菜名 是用甜面酱和酱油烹饪出的鸡肉
Recently though, there’s been a huge swath of Huangmenji joints opening up around the country,
led by one chain in particular called “Yangmingyu”.
Their version’s a bit different than the very most traditional Shandong Huangmenji,
but it tastes great and might as well go along with the culinary zeitgeist.
但它的味道非常好 也顺应美食潮流
So today we’ll be making this fast food version.
So right, to get started with braised chicken rice, you’ll need – chicken.
既然是黄焖鸡米饭 我们首先需要鸡肉
Here we had 500 grams of chicken thigh.
The traditional Shandong type would just use a whole chicken,
要做传统山东风味的话 需要一整只鸡
and you could also just do that if you want.
Now, this is one of those Chinese poultry on the bone dishes,
I’d heavily recommend just sucking it up and learning how to eat around bones,
我强烈推荐你吸一吸汤汁 学着啃下骨头周围的肉
but if that prospect does scare you, you feel free to whole use chicken wings.
但如果你受不了的话 你大可以吃鸡翅
They’re a little harder to eat in the end but still work ok.
吃到最后会有点难处理 但还是不错的
But assuming you’re ok with some cleaving, grab a thigh, cut off a couple chunks extra meat
如果你刀工还可以的话 准备一个鸡腿 切去一些多余的肉
to make it more even, and with force chop it up.
让剩下的骨肉更均匀 然后用力把它们切块
If your cleaver ever sticks into the bone, just keep it in
and smack the rest of the thigh down against your board to cut it.
Alternatively, if you want an easier time cleaving, you could also get some wings and
当然如果你想省些事 可以用鸡翅
just chop each part in half… definitely easier to start out with.
把它们切成两半就好 这绝对更好上手
Now with those cleaved, marinate that with 1 tablespoon each of light soy sauce,
liaojiu a.k.a. Shaoxing wine, and cornstarch.
需要准备生抽 绍兴料酒和淀粉 各一汤匙
Give that a real thorough mix, and set aside for at least 15 minutes.
把它们搅拌均匀 静置至少15分钟
Now, before we get into the other ingredients, I do have a bit of a Mea Culpa.
加入其他材料之前 我想提一下我犯的常识性错误
See this? This is Dacong – it’s one of the go-to aromatics in Northern China.
你们看 这是大葱 是中国北方的一种香料
I’ve been calling it ‘leek’ because, you know, it looks a lot like leek
我一直以来都叫它韭葱 因为它们太相似了
and it’s what everyone else translates it as.
Dacong though is Allium Fistulosum and actually much more closely related to scallion than leek,
虽然都是葱系植物 大葱和小葱的关系比韭葱近多了
which is Allium ampeloprasum (am-pel-o-pra-sum).
These’re used in Korean and Japanese cooking too,
but if you can’t find them, just use the white part of some scallion instead.
如果你没有这个原材料 就用小葱的葱白部分代替
One inch of Dacong should be equal to about one of these white portions.
So with that out of the way, we’ll be frying this with one inch of crushed ginger
然后我们需要一英寸段的生姜 拍碎
about 5 inches of that Dacong, so you can sub with 5 scallion whites, and two star anise.
五英寸长的大葱 或者五小段葱白 还有两个八角
Now this is the Jiangxiang flavor profile, which relies on two heaping tablespoons of
我们做的是酱香风味 这味道源于满满两大勺甜面酱
Tianmianjiang sweet bean paste, which’s interestingly neither sweet nor made from beans
但有趣的是 甜面酱既不是甜的也不是黄豆做的
Two tablespoons light soy sauce, and two tablespoon of granulated sugar.
Then for the braising liquid, this fast food version usually uses the soaking liquid from
然后是炖汁 快餐版通常使用干香菇水
reconstituting dried shiitake mushrooms – so that was four mushrooms, reconstituted in
a half a liter of hot boiled water for about one hour or feel free to use cool water and
用半升热开水泡大概一小时 或者用凉水泡八小时也行
soak for eight, then tear the mushrooms into smaller pieces, and be sure to keep that liquid.
把泡发的蘑菇撕成小块 水千万留着别倒掉
Now, some fast food Huangmenji joints – at least here in Shenzhen,
一些快餐黄焖鸡 至少在深圳这边
seem to love to load up on the dried chilis and make this spicy.
Totally feel free to add a few if you want,
but we personally prefer it with a more isolated jiangxiang flavor
so the only chilis we’re adding are a half a green and red mild chili,
所以我们只加了不辣的绿椒和红椒 各取一半
cut into sections to just finish things off… and feel free to swap for bell pepper instead.
切成小块 当然也可以用柿子椒代替
So right. Before stir-frying, we’re going to pass this chicken through oil.
接下来 在炒之前我们要把鸡肉过油
Now I know a lot of people tune out whenever we do this step,
but this really doesn’t need that much oil.
但我想说 真的不需要很多油
It’s almost more of a shallow fry,
two cups of oil would definitely be enough.
So get that oil up to a blistering 200 centigrade, and drop in the chicken pieces.
把油加热到200摄氏度 放入鸡块
What we’re looking for is the exterior of the chicken to get to a sort of reddish-brown hue,
so feel free to alternatively stir-fry this chicken too, just make sure that
随意翻炒 只要最后
it looks basically like this in the end.
鸡块成色是这样 就基本上可以了
For us, this was about three minutes over max flame, so take out the chicken,
三分钟大火 然后捞出来
and let the oil strain out.
Now, to stir-fry.
As always, first longyau – get you wok piping hot, shut off the heat,
依旧是热锅冷油 把锅烧热后 关火
add in the oil – here about two tablespoons – and give it a swirl to get a nice non-stick surface.
倒入大概两汤匙油 转转锅 让油充分润滑锅体
Flame on medium now, immediately go in with the aromatics and the star anise.
Fry those til fragrant, about forty five seconds,
翻炒大概45秒 把香料炒香
then scooch them up the side of the wok and add in the tianmianjiang sweet bean paste.
然后用锅铲把香料赶到一边 放入甜面酱
Fry that for about thirty seconds until it ever so slightly starts to stick to the wok,
炒大概30秒 直到甜面酱变得粘稠 开始粘锅
then pour a tablespoon of liaojiu aka Shaoxing wine over your spatula and around the side of the wok.
然后放一汤匙绍兴料酒在锅铲上 沿锅边倒入
Give that a quick fifteen second mix together, then do the same move with your light soy sauce.
很快地翻炒15秒 混合均匀后以同样的方式倒入生抽
Combine, then go in with the sugar and let that dissolve in, about 15 seconds.
翻炒均匀后倒入白糖 炒大概15秒 让白糖融化
Then, pour in your now-strained mushroom soaking liquid, up your flame to high,
然后倒入香菇浸泡汁 调成大火
add in the chicken, the mushrooms, and about a quarter teaspoon of white pepper powder,
加入鸡肉和蘑菇 倒1/4勺白胡椒粉
and get that all up to a boil.
Now, you can totally keep this going in here,
but for wok seasoning management purposes,
we personally chose to swap this into a claypot.
But either way, cover, then keep at a heavy simmer for about 20 minutes.
不管用什么锅 用高火煨大概20分钟
20 minutes later, our liquid has reduced by about one quarter.
20分钟后 汁水减少1/4
So because we wanted to really go all out and mimic those fast food joints,
we chose to than transfer that to four individually portioned claypots.
I know you probably won’t walk that mile with us,
so just keep things uncovered and boil on high until reduced by one half in all.
不盖盖子 高火收汁到只剩一半即可
At that point, season with an optional quarter teaspoon of MSG,
这个时候 可以用1/4小勺的味精调味 但这不是必须的
and thicken with a slurry of teaspoon cornstarch mixed with a tablespoon of water.
然后用一小勺淀粉 和一大勺水混合成勾芡汁倒入其中 使汤汁更粘稠
Then nestle in your peppers, drizzle in a teaspoon of toasted sesame oil, cover, and serve.
然后放上柿子椒块 洒一小勺香油 盖上盖子 上桌吧
Be sure to eat this alongside some white rice to sop up all that braising liquid,
一定要配上白米饭 浸泡黄焖鸡汤汁吃
and with that, your Huangmenji is done.
至此 黄焖鸡米饭就完成了
So if you’re having this at fast food joints, you can choose to add more stuff to it…
如果你是在快餐店吃的话 可以另加小菜
for example, you can do enoki mushrooms, potato chunks, tofu puffs, daikon, whatever.
比如金针菇 土豆块 豆腐泡 白萝卜等等
So you can also play with it and find you favorite.
你可以任意选择 找到你最爱的搭配
So check out the reddit link in the description box for a detailed recipe,
a big thank you for everyone supporting us on Patreon,
and of course, subscribe for more Chinese cooking videos.


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