欢迎来到Word Up food Tubers 我是Oliver先生
Word Up food Tubers! Ok, Mr Oliver here.
今天 我将用三种方式来做煎蛋
Today we’re gonna cook scrambled eggs three ways.
分别是英式 法式和美式
We’re gonna go a la English way, a la the French way and the American way. Beautiful
煎蛋 很好吃
scrambled eggs, so delicious.
The chicken egg is the most delicious and cheap
最美味最便宜的 事实上 鸡蛋还含有多种微量元素
form of brilliant protein on the planet, in fact. They have loads of micro nutrients and
they are so quick to cook.
英式煎蛋 首先开中火
So, English scrambled eggs. We’re gonna go onto a medium heat.
I am gonna go two eggs per person.I’m gonna do it
for two.
So just whisk those eggs up.
我有一个小要求——我讨厌人造鸡蛋 我对鸡蛋的最低要求是天然蛋
Now, one little request – I hate battery eggs, so minimum for me, standard eggs, is barn eggs
当然 鸡蛋的大小不限 那么 我们开始做吧
And of course free range and free range organic is the way to go. So, let’s do it.
I’m gonna go in with a nice knob of butter.
直接放进去 再加一点盐
Straight in, just with a little salt.
对我来说 用来翻动煎蛋的最好的工具是一个像这样的小锅铲
in we go. And for me, the perfect thing to move the eggs around is a little spatula like this.
翻动它 很快 你看到它在锅底慢慢成型
So I’m just gonna move it around and very quickly you can see it setting around the base.
你能看见这些有几分熟凝乳和生蛋黄 现在我不搅动它了
You can see those little cooked curds and the raw egg. So I’m just gonna leave it.
每五秒我会轻轻搅动一下它 你不想它糊锅的
Every sort of five seconds I’ll give it a little move around. You don’t want it to catch
一些人还加入牛奶或冰淇淋 如果你正确的烹饪它
too much. Some people put milk in, some people put cream in. If you cook it right you don’t
你不需要加入任何东西 现在熟了 但你要记住这个平底锅还是热的
need any of that. This is cooked now but you gotta remember that this pan is still warm
还会持续加热 当熟了以后 那么我要做的就是
and it’s gonna continue to cook. so all I do is, when I get to the stage, I just put
将它们弄到平底锅的一角 这样它们就不会被煮过头了
it to one corner of the pan and that way it’s not gonna kinda overcook anymore. I get my
拿来我的烤面包 你可以在你的烤面包上涂黄油 但是记住我们已经在煎蛋里加过黄油了
toast. You can butter your toast but remember we’ve got a nice knob of butter already on
然后将我们可爱 漂亮的英式煎蛋放在烤面包上
our scrambled eggs. So on we go with our lovely, beautiful English style scrambled eggs. You
你可以看见它变成了一块一块的凝乳 还有水分 嗯 非常不错
can see it’s medium curds, still with moisture around. Mmm completely beautiful but also
口感很嫩 那么英式煎蛋做好了 柔软 金灿灿的 清淡可口 下一个 法式煎蛋
still soft in texture. So English eggs done. Soft, gorgeous, delicate. Next, French style.
大家好 我是Jamie Oliver(傻傻分不清名字怎么读) 不管了 法式煎蛋
Bonjour, je m’appelle Jamie. J’aime le oeuf. Oeuf? Oeuf? Oeuf? Anyway, French style eggs.
你将四个鸡蛋稍稍调味 打散
You lightly season four free-range eggs. We whip it up and see here we’ve got about an
这里有一锅开水 我们要做的是隔水加热
inch of boiling water. and we’re gonna cook this over a bain-marie, a water bath okay? Now
那么现在 鸡蛋在低温环境中煮 需要一段时间
here’s the thing, eggs cook at a very low temperature and it takes a while.
现在蛋已经稍微有点成型了 你可以看到打蛋器上的结块
Ok, so now you can see there are kind of curds beginning to form, you can see them on the end of here
just about. And now is a good time to put a few knobs of butter in there. So I’m gonna
现在我要搅动它了 我准备用一个小刮刀 等会你可以看见
go from a whisk now and I’m gonna use a little spatula and you’re gonna start to see a more
更多柔软 可口的凝乳出现. 看 凝乳出现了 很棒
gentle, delicate curd coming out. So look, there we go. We’re in a good place. On we
这种煎蛋与英式煎蛋有很大不同 当你吃它时会感到非常非常顺滑
go and very, very different to the English. When you eat it, it’s very, very fine. It’s
它太美味了 这就是法式煎蛋 它们非常美味
very luxurious. So there you go guy’s, French style eggs. They are delicious. And finally
最后 Food Tuber的粉丝们 我们将要做美式煎蛋了 好 我们以与前面相同的方式开始
Food Tubers we’re gonna finish with the American style eggs. Ok, so we’re gonna start off the
在我们的四个蛋中放入少许盐 我们将会用到平底煎锅
same. Put a little salt into our four eggs. We’re gonna use a frying pan. Go in with a
放入一块黄油 冒泡后 倒入鸡蛋
knob of butter. Let’s get that bubbling away. We’re gonna go in with the eggs. You’ll see
你可以看见它开始成型 在它成型时我要留下这些漂亮的纹路
it starts to set and as it starts to set I’m bringing in these beautiful sheets. And you
这样 你能得到这种卷曲的 折叠的 金灿灿的煎鸡蛋 大家看 有这些纹路了
get this kind of rouladey, folded gorgeous diner eggs. See these beautiful sheets happening
与英式煎蛋和美式煎蛋一样 你希望能用温和的方式烹饪它
guys. The same rules apply to the French and the English; you want it to be gentle cooking
这是一种乐趣 看 不过
so it’s a joy. So we’re looking good guys. Last but not least, there’s something quite
这蛋吃起来如此清淡的且看那金黄的部分 是因为烹饪方法
delicate but substantial about this and you can see the shiny parts where it’s just cooking,
熟的呈层状 非常可口 美式煎蛋
there’s cooked parts that arte delicate and sheety . Look at that. Scrambled, American
美味 这就是我要介绍的:法式 英式和美式
style eggs, so tasty. Now all of these styles; French, English and American, they’ve all
它们用同样的蛋 盐 黄油 只是我们用
had the same eggs, same pinch of salt, same amount of butter but the method that we’ve
完全不同的办法烹饪它们 就改变了它们的质地 卖相和味道
used to cook them has completely, not only, changed the texture and the look but the taste.
我们已经完成了英式 法式和美式煎蛋 但那只是冰山一角
So we’ve done the English, the French and the American, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
世界有上百个国家 那么你怎样烹饪你的鸡蛋呢
There’s hundreds of countries from all around the world so how do you cook your eggs?
欢迎与我们分享 这就是本期的Food Tube 大家保重 再见
Let us know, we love it. That’s what Food Tube is all about. Take care guys, bye.


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