The stories gives meaning to any design
and I thought when is located next to the forest we should create a tree house
我认为既然住在林边 我们应该建造一个树屋
because of something that was quite dreamy
and the same time very cozy
the apartment is located in the middle of Hong Kong
there’s not much of greenery area especially in the center of the city
香港的绿化区域很少 尤其是市中心
so we actually really treasured a moment when we actually have an opportunity
所以 我们很珍惜这个
to build an apartment next to the hillside
this apartment is 33 square meters for the interior
four square meters for the balcony
I live in the apartment with my dog and
we each have our own corners
the apartment is about three years ago at that time his one-bedroom apartment
公寓是三年前买的 那时它还是一居室
and what I’ve done here is I demolished petitioning wall
后来 我拆除了隔断墙
and built a tree house
after we you kind of break the wall
it created like a panoramic view that frames the outside
I think a lot of the challenges comes in to like working with the existing built
我认为 许多挑战来自于与现有的建筑格局相融合
that is being provided by the apartments that when I purchase
当我买下这间公寓时 它就是那个样子
for the kitchen they made it out of brass and wood and that’s why I want to keep it
厨房是黄铜和原木搭配的 我想保留下来
because there’s a already a very nice kitchen
we only have like a simple dark blue color
to echoes the kitchen to highlight the gold and not having overtly too blink
既突出黄铜的颜色 又不至于让它太耀眼
and at the same time put in a few elements which is custom that is gold
also like the Tom Dixon light adjacent to the sofa
比如沙发边上的Tom Dixon灯具
a lot of people saying that in a small apartment you shouldn’t be using very dark colors
it’s really kind of depends on what kind of situation you are in
其实 这取决于你自己所处的情况
if you’re trying to frame the view of the outside
so the outside take presents as opposed to the inside
那么应该突出窗外的景色 与室内形成对比
it actually helps you connect yourself to the outside
I bought and a patricia Urquiola terracotta tiles
我买了一块Patricia Urquiola设计的赤陶土瓦
and clad the outskirt of it
and it worked perfectly with the timber frame
also the dark and the light is about creating sequences
downstairs of the treehouse is only six foot and upstairs four foot
树屋下方只有六英尺高 楼上约四英尺
it actually allows me to host dinner parties below the tree house
when you get up to the tree house
all side of the walls including the ceiling
包括天花板在内 每面都包上了松木
is all clad in Pinewood and when you’re inside the space you have a
really tiny slip of window that kind of looks out into the forest
透过细长的窗户 目之所及 皆是森林
feels really cozy
one side of the was part of the closets
so what I did to the closet is
the lower part I clad it in in paints that matched the dark blue paint
downstairs so when you’re in the lower level you feel like you’re in one space
因此 当你站在下层时 感觉是一个空间
but when you actually get to the upper level it’s all kinda and timber so you
但站在上层 被木质材料包围时
already feel like you’re in another space
because they want to minimize any vertical element in the kitchen
they’ve divided it into two under counter or
因此 厨房安装了两台下嵌式冰箱
fridge so one is the freezer and the other one is just a normal fridge
一个冷冻冰柜 一个冷藏冰箱
it is very quiet living next to forest
and it’s very convenient because it’s in the middle of Hong Kong
因为地处香港中心 生活也很方便
and is nice to actually be able to look into something
而且 在香港 能看到混凝土大楼以外的东西挺好的
other than concrete in Hong Kong so we really want to treasure this that kind of view when you’re in here
因此身处这里时 我们很珍视这样的景观
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